ADDA Corp. is a leader in the electronic thermal magagement field. AC Fans,
DC Fans / Blowers, Waterproof Fans / DC Chip Cooler / Thermal Module,
Heatsinks.   www.ADDAUSA.com

Waterproof Connectors, Battery Holders, Mains Filters, Fuseholders, Indicators, Switches and the Arcolectric line of Switches, Indicator Lights and Fuse Holders.     www.Bulgin.com

High Voltage Diodes, MOVs, High Current / High Voltage, Rectifiers and Assemblies www.DeanTechnology.com

Kohshin electric Current Sensing, Hall Current Sensors     www.DGSeals.com

EBG is a leading manufacturing resource for Non-Inductive Thick Film resistors,
producing standardized and customized resistors since 1977. EBG concentrates on developing highly reliable product lines to fill the creative requirements of the design engineer in today’s fast moving world.

Our manufacturing process is state-of-the-art, producing reliable precision resistors for your high voltage, high power, and pulse loading needs. We offer Ohmic value ranges of 0.0005 to 30 Gig Ohm; voltages of 1 to 96kV; wattages of 1 to 1700 Watts and tolerances of +/-0.1% to +/- 10%. Our normal lead time for standard or custom products is 8 weeks or less.   www.EBGUSA.com

Part of the Elektron PLC group, Elektron Technology designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of world class components and custom technology platforms building on the core technologies within the Arcolectric, Bulgin and Sifam brands.   

Microspeakers, Mid-Size Speakers, Large-Size Speakers, Rectangular and Oval, Dynamic Receivers, Transducers      www.Stetron.com

LEDs, LED Lamps, Surface Mount LEDs and Displays, IR, Ultra Bright, Light Strips and Bars, Circuit Board Indicators     www.SunLEDusa.com

Tewa Electronics Group is a leading NTC Thermistor, Temperature Probe, RTD, and Thermocouple manufacturer.      www.tewa-sensors.com

Companies EMC Represents

EBG Resistors
Stetron International, Inc.
TEWA Electronics Group
Dean Technology
DG Seals


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